Monday, December 14, 2009

Oh Happy Day!!

Everyone...I have huge news:


Oh mylanta, I can hardly breathe. I'm sitting here at my desk unable to concentrate on anything but this gorgeous ring on my finger and the wonderful man I'm going to marry. So here's the story:

Saturday, Dave and I were going ice skating with the Middle School ministry at our church, so he came over to pick me up. He told me he needed to show me something outside, so I followed him out to his car. Mind you, it was quite chilly on Saturday, so I was thinking we were going to get a quick breath of fresh air and go right back inside. Oh no. He pulls out two travel magazines, which we look at all the time because of our hopes and dreams of traveling someday, and says he wants to show me this picture of St. Lucia. At this point I'm starting to shiver and teeth are chattering, so I ask if we can go back inside to look at the magazines. He smiles and says, "Just one more..." he flips the page and there is a beautiful black and white photo, from one of my favorite photographers, Alison Conklin. It looks a lot like an advertisement for a wedding photographer, but at the bottom, there is a short poem and the words, "Will you marry me?" Still thinking its part of the magazine, I flippantly say, "That's really sweet," and I turn around and see Dave on one knee, holding out the ring!! I scream and jump back about 5 feet. Tears well up in his eyes and he quietly says, "Will you marry me?" I am so shocked and shaken, it takes me a few seconds to recognize that all of this is real. This is really happening. I fly into his arms and we just hold each other for about ten minutes before I actually say "Yes." It was perfect.

AND...he got it all on film!!! He had set up his camera on the dashboard of his car so that it was facing out the back windshield (we had been leaning on the trunk while looking at the magazines.) He really thought of everything. It was so him, and so us.

It's been a whirlwind of a weekend, calling everyone and seeing everyone. It's so exciting but tiring and overwhelming at the same time. I'm hoping that Dave and I have some time to just to enjoy it and relax. Then, the planning will begin.

Holy cow. I'm planning my own wedding.

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