Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wedding Updates!

I am a terrible blogger. I love writing and updating you on new ideas and findings, but life always seems to get in the way. But I'm making a vow (hehe...get it?) to be more attentive to you. Here is the latest in the wedding of Dave and Katelin....

The joyous celebration of love and all of that mushy stuff will take place on Sunday, May 29, 2011. I know what you're thinking. "ARE YOU CRAZY???! WHY, IN THE NAME OF ALL THINGS HOLY ARE YOU WAITING SO LONG??" Well...there are a few reasons. First, we really want to get married in the late spring/summer, and this year was wayyy too early. Second, I want to put a lot of thought into this day. If we had to rush, I wouldn't be able to put all the attention into detail that I've been daydreaming about since I was seven years old. Third, we need a little bit of time to save the mula. As much as I make myself out to be this big wedding expert...I'm astounded at how expensive this day is turning out to be, now that it's my turn to plan. Even still, it seems like May 2011 is ages away. I'm going to have to invest in wrinkle cream and at-home hair coloring products to remove the grays.

Next on the list: Location. We've booked the ceremony for our church, Central Presbyterian in Downingtown. However, there is a minor complication: The sancuatry does not have one long center aisle, but two short aisles. Solution: I will walk up to the alter on the bride's side (the left) and then Dave and I will leave the sanctuary on the groom's side (the right), symbolizing the time-honored tradition of giving the daughter away, which is kind of a sad tradition in my opinion. The reception, I'm thrilled to announce, will be at The Welkinweir Estate in Pottstown (website is under construction). Picture a huge, stone farm house sitting on a hill that overlooks a four-acre pond. There will be a tent that attaches to the dining room for dinner and dancing on the back patio. All of which is surrounded by azalea bushes and weeping willow trees. Be still my beating heart!

Because the wedding is going to be during the Memorial Day holiday, a very popular wedding weekend, we wanted use the long waiting time to our advantage and book all of our locations and vendors as soon as possible. The lovely and incredibly talented Nicola Herring will be taking pictures throughout the day. She specializes in newborn photography, but her wedding portfolio is awesome! We are so excited to work with her! Stay tuned for an engagement shoot later in the summer.

Finally, all things flowers will be handled by Laurie Sasko, the detail and creative queen! I'm itching to meet with her to talk arrangements and bouquets. It's so hard to wait!

Catering, music, stationary and dress shopping are still to come. As much of a long and complicated process wedding planning is, we're having a blast. It's difficult sometimes to remember to live in the present with all of these exciting things to look forward to!

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